About the contest

We’re looking for your best line this winter! Find your line, turn on your GoPro and document the action for a chance to win the $20,000 grand prize. We’re looking for innovative filming, technical riding, great lighting and creativity.

No fancy editing needed, we’re only considering your raw GoPro clip for the contest! Skiers and snowboarders all submit to the same contest and will be judged by our esteemed panel – who will also be picking a monthly winner to win $1000 as well as the grand prize winner.

Full details, judging criteria and official rules here.

January 1, 2016 – April 30, 2016

Anywhere in the world.

Judging Criteria:
Cinematography + Composition — 25%
Perspective and Degree of Shooting Difficulty — 25%
Performance + Style — 25%
Overall Beauty + Lighting — 25%

grand prize
monthly prize

Each month these three judges will be deciding the monthly winner and Grand Prize.

Abe Kislevitz
Sr Production Artist - GoPro

Abe Kislevitz heads up the snow team for GoPro’s media department. He’s seen just about every ski & snowboard clip ever taken on a GoPro that’s been posted online, plus he’s been in charge of creating all of GoPro’s snow commercials for the last 5 years.

Nick Hamilton
Content Director - TransWorld Snow

Nick Hamilton has been shooting snowboarding for over 20 years, and is now the Content Director at TransWorld SNOWboarding, the largest snowboarding magazine, and website in the world. After years of sifting through every photo and video submitted to TWSNOW, Nick has a well rounded appreciation for content, “I’ll be looking for a mix of uniqueness, creativity, level of riding, and overall impression.”

Doug Bishop
General Manager - Newschoolers

Doug Bishop has been working at Newschoolers for the last 10 years. As General Manager, he’s seen every kind of web edit/shot known to man. Before working at Newschoolers, Doug was an athlete for 6 years, so he has a deep understanding of both media and what it takes to get it. Smooth style, creativity and flow will earn you points from Mr. Bishop.